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Welcome to Syed Sharfuddin’s blog page It is intended to start a conversation about governance issues in countries which seem to have everything seemingly in place – constitution, elected government, parliament, institutions of state, natural resources, manpower, business, trade and investment; yet these countries seems to suffer from flawed systems, corruption, lack of coordination, gaping divide between the rich and poor and no clear direction for achieving prosperity for their peoples. These countries face challenges of development, of strengthening democratic institutions, mobilising resources, cutting costs, establishing strong institutions and respecting diversity. This blog is different because it is not a personal account of daily events. Stay here and share your views about how good governance and good public practice can be transplanted in different political scenarios and country situations. This blog is about events and lessons learnt in countries which are either in transition to democracy, or are conflict states or states facing stabilisation challenges.

Most people start with an About Page that introduces them to potential site visitors. So Mr Sharfuddin has decided to introduce himself as follows:


Hi there! I’m a writer of articles and posts on socialmedia by day, an avid reader of books by night and a keen observer of political and economic developments in countries trying to promote peace, democracy, human rights, the rule of law, independence of judiciary, media freedoms, good and honest governance, equal opportunities for all, economic development, respect and tolerance and a peaceful and prosperous world to give us hope for the future, especially to the youth and the coming generations. I invite you to join me in widening the discussion and sharing in ideas that help to provide a knowledge bank for use by all those who decide to benefit from it”.  

Hope Mr Syed Sharfuddin’s blogs will be of interest to you and generate a robust conversation through comments and feedback. A coin has always two sides; therefore a blog is only complete when others provide the third dimension to make the picture complete. Have fun!

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